At Grand Rapids Building Services, WE CARE about people. Since 1915, we have been a leading provider of exceptional and innovative cleaning services for our customers in education, medical, corporate, and manufacturing facilities throughout Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana.

These are facilities were people work, learn, and get well, and where people spend the majority of their hours each day, so we’re committed to making sure the environment they’re in is healthy, safe, and productive.

WE CARE about what we do for our customer and the importance of building long-standing partnerships through fiscal responsibility, integrity, service, and humility. These values are instilled and modeled through GRBS employees, and we strive to have every interaction and every job we do be professional, respectful, and exceed expectations.

We’re able to take care of our customers at this level because WE CARE about our employees. It is important to us to provide a safe, inclusive, and honorable work environment. A job at GRBS is more than cleaning. It’s a place where everyone has the opportunity to grow in a career and thrive in a family-like atmosphere. It’s a place where everyone is treated respectfully and appreciated.

For both our customers and our employees, GRBS is focused on positively impacting the people we serve.


We specialize in the hiring of cleaning professionals to provide outstanding service to our customers through meaningful employment to our staff.

To join our team, you are invited to take the first step by completing an online application which will be forwarded directly to Human Resources for review. This convenient, online application process will allow you to apply for positions available throughout our service area, regardless of where you live!