WE CARE about Providing Green Cleaning Systems.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Healthier Facilities for Tenants – Workers – Custodians
  • Minimized Exposure to Aggressive Chemicals
  • Reduced Water and Air Pollution
  • Reduced Waste with Concentrated Products
  • Reduced Package Waste with Recyclable Packaging
  • Reduced Energy Usage

Green Initiative

GRBS has taken measures which serve to protect the health of students, staff and visitors as well as the environment.

  • Use of Microfiber to reduce the use of chemical
  • Recycled containers for chemicals
  • Green seal certified chemicals for everyday use which reduces VOCs
  • VacPac with green seal certification for lower emissions
  • Low moisture floor care equipment

Energy Savings Program

  • Lights on only in immediate area of work
  • Lights in any unoccupied office or classroom will be turned off after cleaning
  • Lights in common spaces will be turned off unless the area is being utilized
  • Coordinate cleaning to automated utility schedules