Custodial Services in a School Environment

Working with Children

It is our responsibility to have safe and productive individuals on-site who behave appropriately around children. We take that duty very seriously.

Screening Process

All employees must be pre-screened by the FBI for any criminal background. Drug screens are also performed. These checks are conducted annually to ensure crime and drug free status of staff members. We cannot be too careful in our filtering process as we are working with children.

Customer Service Training

Employees receive training in appropriate communication with all individuals (polite, friendly, courteous, and helpful), but NOT to approach or engage the faculty or children in any other communication. This will gain the professional respect we need to successfully be accepted.

Uniformed/Badge Employees

All employees will be in GRBS polo shirts and khaki pants, so they are easily identified as part of the custodial team.

Zero Tolerance

Unlike in-house programs, GRBS has a zero tolerance for any theft, drug use or violent behaviors in or out of the workplace. GRBS employees are given additional behavioral testing in our pre-screening process to reduce the risk of these behaviors and GRBS does not allow anyone to be employed who has a Felony OR Misdemeanor for theft, drug use or violent crimes.