GRBS began as a Window Cleaning Company back in 1915, when gas lamps and horse carriages in the streets of “downtown” Grand Rapids caused windows to darken with grime. In the 1930’s, GRBS started servicing office buildings in the Grand Rapids area. Old Kent, now 5/3 Bank, began using the services of GRBS in 1965, and we’ve been there ever since! Kalamazoo and Lansing Building Services started in 1980, and GRBS diversified our services to include manufacturing, government buildings, airports and colleges. We even had a Deli (what where we thinking?) GRBS expanded into Chicago, Indiana and the rest of the State of Michigan in 1999 (and closed the Deli). GRBS has a long history for Excellence in Customer Service and Retention, because Quality and Service come first. Check out some of our long term customers below.

Long Term Relationships

  • Fifth Third Bank (formally known as Old Kent Bank) – 56 Years
  • L-3 Aviation – 28 Years
  • Wolverine Coil – 23 Years